Our mission is to invite people to experience WHOLENESS in life and community.

1 Thessalonians 5:23 - May God himself, the God who makes everything holy and whole,
make you holy and whole, put you together—spirit, soul, and body—and keep you fit. MSG

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I meet people all the time who share heartaches regarding their marriages, children, finances, addictions and depression. I have struggled with all of these issues at certain times in my life.

I meet community leaders who are surrounded by broken lives, broken relationships and broken systems.

These things create suffering, racial tension, broken religion, violence, poverty, pain and death.

We, the people, of the EDGE PROJECT loose sleep over these things. So we have become an imperfect band of diverse people on mission inviting others to experience with us wholeness in life and community.

When we experience wholeness, we are once again able to see beauty, purpose and evidence of a Grand Designer. As we experience wholeness we are able to see how everything and everyone fits together. And in that fit of movement we can change our community, city, and the world we live in.

The project starts with you!

- C. Guy Stevens
Edge Project Founder


Strategic involvement as demonstrated by engaging people who are not experiencing wholeness in life and community and engaging leaders who want to see their communities become whole.


Inclusive diversity as demonstrated by initially connecting with people who are different than we are.


Compassionate generosity as demonstrated by the giving of our time, talent and treasures.


Intergenerational relationships as demonstrated by connecting generations through community.

Our goal is to impact the 36 neighborhoods of Cleveland. Our initial focus will be Ohio City, a community on the west edge of Cleveland.

Ohio City is one of the recognized neighborhoods within the city of Cleveland and is home to more than 9,200 residents. The 2010 Census data lists the Ohio City neighborhood as one of Cleveland’s most diverse, with 50% of the area being White, 34% African American, 23% Hispanic, 1.5% Asian or Pacific Islander, <1% American Indian, and 14% noted as “other.” Ohio City contains 1,200 units of public housing, with 37% of its total population living below the poverty line.

While the city of Cleveland on the whole has been experiencing a loss in population in the past several decades, Ohio City is one of only three Cleveland neighborhoods that gained population in the past ten years. Ohio City also indicated a 16% growth among ages 18–34 and 42% growth in ages 60–64. (reprinted from www.ohiocity.org/demographics)

With the growth of Ohio City, the communities are changing and reforming. This is an opportunity to invite the business community, organizations, schools, etc. to experience wholeness.

Engage people

Engage people by showing up, serving them and sharing their story and ours.

Develop leaders

Develop leaders by appropriate assessment, training and coaching.

Gather resources

Community partners will serve community needs, (eventually monthly) Gatherings will be evangelistic and community focused, and (quarterly) Central Gatherings will celebrate transformation.

Empower movement

Empower movement by clarity, alignment, and focus